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Nurse C- Neverhood

9/1/13 by bluebooblue
Updated 9/1/13

Hi guys, it's been a long time since my last post :v!

This one's gonna be quick too, I'm just here to tell you what Nurse C. Neverhood is!

All of our new tracks are under the names Nurse C. or Dr. Neverhood because these are the identities which we'd like to be known while making video game/animation soundtracks

The older tracks (which we "deleted" but are still there for some reason) are under several names but "Blue"'s sticked all over them, we just couldn't pick a name and settle! Blue Danny would be the most used.

Bluebooblue is a stupid name we picked when we were making this account 2 years ago,we never thought we wouldn't be able to change it later because god damn it, it's a DISPLAY NAME (and no, we've try to change it by display First and Last name and it never changes, maybe it's just us?)
Anyway, if you'd like to use our work, the only thing we ask for is credit and that credit goes to Nurse C. Neverhood or Dr. Neverhood, you can use one of those or both, we work together all the time so.

This is a team work, we're siblings (Nurse C's the older one) and we're happy you listen to us :)!

Right now we're free and have no projects soon, so if you'd like to work with us just make contact!

aaaaaaaaand I'm sure you didn't know we are 2, but yeah :v

Have a Scully!!

Bye bye

Nurse C- Neverhood


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