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Hello! I'm June, I'm a musician and a voice actor! I've been making music as two persons in one and one person in two. You'll probably understand it better if you listen to my tracks! (or our tracks :') I hope you enjoy our work, contact me if you want!

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Posted by bluebooblue - January 8th, 2018

Hi everyone! Juneji here.

How have you been?

I'm sorry I have almost no activity here lately, I've been working and also learning new stuff.

I have recently created a youtube channel to use as a portfolio of all the stuff I've made so far and I wanted to let you guys know it!


I hope you visit it and listen to my new stuff and also some stuff you may have heard here before but better!


Thanks for your attention, here's the link to my channel



Posted by bluebooblue - July 27th, 2015

Get it down here!



Atmospheric Spectrum Vol 1:

Macabre atmospheric loops ready to be added to your horror survival/Mystery game!

It is the perfect pack to enhance the density and immersion in-game or in your cutscenes.

You can use them as stage-loops, as background sounds for events, or you can also buy it for a friend who wants to make a horror movie and needs atmospheres pronto.

Wicked textures and sounds that will make your players shiver and feel they are not alone are here for you and it's only 6$ for 10 tracks! also, you get an extra song that you will enjoy if you really like this kind of soundtracks.

Here's a little demo for you to listen up!





Get it up here!


Juneji and me

We're both the same person, so this post is in both profiles.

Posted by bluebooblue - July 21st, 2015

Hi guys, I guess I'm making this post to explain a little bit more about me.

I've been uploading music to newgrounds since like 4 or 5 years ago, and I've composed every single track with all of my love. I've gone thru so many "personas" including Blue Danny, Nurse C (Chaotix) June Neverhood, and finally, what I consider is the mix of all my artistic life until now, Juneji.

I've divided my works in two channels, one for only music, which is this one and one for my voice acting, which you can find @Juneji < there

I've spent countless hours of fun and stress, but mostly, of fun making this and I really hope you enjoy my work, as a musician and as a voice actor.

Thanks for following me thru all of these years and if you still like what I do, please keep on listening!!

I have a bandcamp in case you'd like to buy me a nice juice! You can still have most of my music for free here, but if you really like it, please consider donating a few cents! it means a lot to me!!



The reason why sometimes I say "we" or "our" is not a gender thing, it's a duality I consider I share when I compose :)

Thanks for passing by! If you'd like to work with me, or if you'd like me to compose for your games/projects, just let me know here!