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This was really fun, and also GREAT for being your first official animation, i liked it a lot! good job :)

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AAAAAAAH, amazinggggggggg
Everything sounds perfect, it's like an agressive track for a Persona Game
Awesome Job, LJC you're one my of my favs newgrounds artists now

LJCoffee responds:

Many thanks! As you can see, I haven't been extremely active for a few years but lately I've been feeling like I should be posting more. We'll see what happens over the coming months. If you're interested in a collab, perhaps we could arrange something - I'd love to remix some of your vocals sometime.

I think Mexxy is Chaos and Chaos is magick. I like it a lot, the percussion structure is unique and the smooth transition into melody is quite lovely.
I really like the way you treated the basses, they don't eat other instruments but yet are part of the main hook of the track, great EQ there!
Great job! And guess what?
I listened to it again but this time with newgrounds looping box checked and it sounded as a perfect loop for something as well!

LJCoffee responds:

Apparently, you know.

I found it fascinating that you used both "Chaos" and "magick" in your comments. It's slightly disturbing - but in a very comforting sort of way.

Thank you, June.

Hey that's pretty awesome, I really like the dark atmosphere here!
The bass construction and the counterpoint after the voice is amazing.
Great job!! haha you could cut the ending tail and use the newgrounds looping option because this can really work as a loop!

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ahahaha love it!
I loved the nails too!

This is outstanding!
I love the colors and that style of yours
The melting moon looks amazing too!

ArcadeHero responds:

Oh. Thanks man! :)
I'm really glad!)

Hello! I'm June, I'm a musician and a voice actor! I've been making music as two persons in one and one person in two. You'll probably understand it better if you listen to my tracks! (or our tracks :') I hope you enjoy our work, contact me if you want!

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